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In a world where the hectic mundaneness of everyday life envelops our very being, we seldom stop to notice Life. Life, not as we see it, but life that...

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In Moksha-The Salvation Game, Luck Is A Huge Benefactor By The Use Of Dice, Which Goes Back To The Earliest Board Games. These Can Decide Everything F...

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Eclipse Harvest

A high octane crime saga, The Eclipse Harvest is a riveting television crime and drama series about the NYPD Organized Crime Control Bureau – Na...

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Freaky Five

It is all about a man and his wife, who migrate to a new country, where he opens up a grocery store. It is there that his wife bears him with 3 daught...

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Dance India Dance

India’s biggest dance talent show  which provides a unique platform for talented and aspiring dancers to become dancing sensations of tomorrow.  T...

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